Our mobile positioning solution empowers you with immediate location awareness in emergency situations.

Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, you can locate your employees, direct them to safety or send rescue teams their way.


Our Indoor Positioning System (IPS) empowers your surveillance and search & rescue teams with real time location awareness of visitor and employees.

In case of emergency, they can identify your employees most likely to be exposed and direct them to the safety as quickly as possible.

Automatic alerts can notify your surveillance team when a visitor is trespassing into a restricted area.


Industrial sites can be complex to navigate, and finding one’s way around within buildings significantly delay daily operations.

Remove navigation inefficiencies by deploying our Indoor Positioning System (IPS) and allow your employees to locate themselves, search for Points of Interest and share their position with coworkers.


Reduce reporting friction by enabling your employees to post geo-localized comments or pictures on your industrial assets using their mobile phones.

Gain insights on employee behavior and on site installations usage across periods of time or during simulated evacuations.


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